Monday, January 25, 2010

New Teasers: Uncanny X-Men

Marvel is getting ready for another big X-Men event (Jean Grey's return I hope)

And to play with our minds, here are some teasers.


Ian (Darktomahawk) said...

Lord, the X-men never stay dead. So this is getting a bit tiresome. LOL.

Can somebody give me a summary of has happened since M Day?

Are mutants still on the verge of extinction? Is Professor X still dead? Bishop a traitor? Cable jaunting through time? Kitty trapped in that bullet speeding through space? Magneto a good guy or bad guy???

Alas, I fear I am getting too old for comic books. :(

Mighty Kwan said...

Ian-it goes like this....

Mutants are still on the verge of extinction. They are all currently living on Magneto's old Asteroid M. Which is floating/sinking off the coast of California.

The only new mutant birth (a little red haired girl)is now in the care of the still time jaunting Cable. Which leads us to Bishop, who is still crazy and chasing Cable through time trying to kill that baby(who is a lot older now.)

Kitty is still missing on the space bullet. sigh...

Professor X is back, walking and living amongst the X-folks on Asteroid M. Magneto is back as well, along with his powers, but not at full strength. He too is living on Asteroid M with the other mutants trying to make ammends for his past.


Mighty Kwan said...

Also, if and when Jean comes back I don't see it affecting things much. It wouldn't have any effect on the Cyclops and Emma thing. As much as I hate to admit it. Cyclops and Emma are better than Cyclops and Jean ever were. I doubt Cyclops would even give Jean a second look right about now.

Dean Grey said...

Wonder Man!

Jean Grey as Phoenix was my all-time favorite X-Man!


Didn't she just die not that long ago?

Dang Marvel, either keep the girl alive or keep her dead!


Anonymous said...

Bye bye Emma!

ToddyEnglish said...

One dies...

and Jean Grey gets ressurrected for like the katrillionth time. Ho hum.

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