Thursday, January 28, 2010

No ManCrunch ads, please

So most of you know that Tim Tebow and his mama will have an ad during the Super Bowl, thanks to Focus of the Family.

CBS took a hit on their decision from many groups. But now, they are trying to extend the olive branch by possibly showing a gay ad, from ManCrunch.

This is it

Their slogan reads “Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play”

This ad may not get aired, I hope not. If we are going to have an ad, make it something of substance; something about gay families, gay teens or allies standing with us.

Just something more. something else.



Howard said...

Something more. Something else. And something good....

Greg said...

that was awful. period.

Junior said...

And they have the nerve to rip off one of the best MadTV sketches of all time! The nerve.

I don't mind having a commercial about gay dating or sex (I'm actually a little tired of the gay family depictions) but it should be original and better!

J. Clarence said...

I'm with Junior that's blatantly a rip off of the MADTv sketch. Shame. Shame. It's also a horrible commercial, alluding to the notion that you can just catch the gay.

Yeah there can be so much better commercials.

by Paisley said...

Official Word: CBS will not air ManCrunch...

Jonathan Pizarro said...

I believe Toni Morrison said something about people who are dominated ending up acting in a manner that pleases the people that dominate them. Mess.

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