Monday, January 25, 2010

Cuomo set to run for NY Governor

Fan favorite and native New Yorker, Andrew Cuomo may be running for NY Governor.
If this is true, Cuomo could spell trouble for David Paterson.

Sources say popular Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is set to run for governor, but is “playing it smart” by waiting to announce his intentions. "He will make an announcement at the end of March. And what he will say is that he intends to run for governor. ... He thinks there are a lot of problems in the state and he thinks he can help solve them," one insider told the NY Daily News.

His spokesman declined comment and Cuomo himself said "I'm focused on being attorney general" but experts think that—in light of Gov. Paterson’s recent scandals and foibles—the high-rated attorney general is the man for the job. "Let's not run a third-string quarterback if there is a first-string quarterback in the game. We should be talking to Andrew Cuomo," said Upstate Party Chief Larry Bulman. In recent polls Cuomo had a favorable 64 percent job approval rating, compared with Paterson’s measly 31 percent. He’s out-fundraised the troubled governor too—he has $16 million in his arsenal, whereas Paterson has scraped up only $3 million.

Should Paterson be worried? Yes, he should.


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Junior said...

Cuomo is more popular true (but given that no one likes Patterson, that's not saying much) but he's not a shoo-in. As someone who's met him before, let's just say he doesn't have the warmest personality and he'll have to get over it to be gov.

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