Friday, January 22, 2010

"Soundtrack to My Day" has been Nominated for a Bloggie!

Pic: Howard and Tom Gross

My buddy, Howard, the creator of the super fun music blog, "Soundtrack to My Day" has been nominated for a Weblog Award or Bloggie!

The category is Best Weblog about Music and personally, I think his blog should win hands down.

If you haven't seen Howard's blog, click on the title above. He will take you down memory lane and introduce you to new and upcoming LGBT artists. Plus, he's a great person, so why not vote for him?

Anywho go here, 2010 Bloggies and vote for Howard's "Soundtrack to My Day"!


SteveA said...

Howie's blogs is one of my faves - I hope he wins!

Howard said...

Aw, thanks, You are far too kind!

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