Friday, January 22, 2010

Jason "Sexy" Momoa is Conan!

Yes! He is Conan and pure sex with a sword!
Jason Momoa has been cast as Conan, Nikkie Finke reports. Marcus Nispel, the director of the film, was apparently a big supporter; he spent some time and money shooting test scenes with Momoa in full Conan mode. This helped cinch the role for the former STARGATE: ATLANTIS star.

Movie shoots March 15th in Bulgaria.
Go Jason!!



Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Sweet, y'know Prince was thinkin bout him when he wrote that song back in the day. He was bein psychic. lol

Howard said...

Good Lawd, he is Gorge-E-Us!

behrmark said...

I admit ignorance on my part; had to Google image him. Love the dreds on him, a good look. I assume the tats on the left forearm are real? I just wish he had some chest fur, maybe a nice treasure trail...then I'd be all over that!

Mechadude2001 said...

Well, he is a good looking man! I must admit, i'm looking forward to seeing him "ripped" for the role, and rockin the loin cloth.

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