Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOM, Maine don't Trust you.

NOM will be investigated over possible violations of Maine's campaign finance laws. So sad.
The state ethics commission voted this morning to deny a request from the National Organization for Marriage that an investigation into the group's finances be delayed pending the outcome of a federal court challenge.

Barry Bostrom, an attorney for the group that contributed $1.9 million to a campaign to repeal the state's gay marriage law, told the commission that NOM feels its 1st Amendment rights are being violated by requests for information about donors.

He said because the state law is being challenged in federal court, it would be better to hold off on the state-level ethics investigation until that is resolved.

But with a 4-1 vote, most of the commission members disagreed.

"I understand concerns about duplicate efforts, but that's part of the hand we are dealt," said ethics commision member Margaret Matheson. "We're charged with ensuring that voters have that information and that's the crux of this investigation."

We need to know the truth. And they need to get a hold of their tax forms too.



EMikeGarcia said...

That isn't sad... It's pretty fucking wonderful.

Howard said...

Hooray for lawmakers standing up for truth and justice!

Kyle said...

Living proof that if you cut people enough slack they will trip themselves up. Made me smile V. Thanks. :)

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