Wednesday, January 27, 2010

David Blankenhorn's Prop 8 testimony... OMEGA FAIL!

We are getting closer to the end of the Prop 8 case. Olson and Boies rest their case Monday, and yesterday, the opponents brought in this fool of the week, David Blankenhorn.

Now why am I hatin' on him? Well, he's why:

David Blankenhorn is the founder of the Institute for American Values.

He was in court to state that "legalizing same-sex unions would erode and “deinstitutionalize” marriage, which would ultimately harm children."

Does he have proof of this? No, but he tried his hardest to do something.

Although Blankenhorn was being offered as an expert witness on how same-sex marriages are detrimental to heterosexual marriages and children, Boies noted that Blankenhorn’s education had been in history.

“You’ve never taught a course in college,” said Boies, “and you have no degree in psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology.…”

“No,” said Blankenhorn, interrupting.

“And in preparation for this testimony, did you undertake any scientific study of what effects permitting same-sex marriages have been in any jurisdiction where same-sex marriages have been permitted?” asked Boies.

“No,” said Blankenhorn. And that’s about when Blankenhorn began to resist Boies’ punches. Rather than answer the yes-or-no questions that Boies posed, Blankenhorn began to try and give explanations for his points of view. But clearly some damage had already been done and, when time came for Judge Vaughn Walker to decide whether Blankenhorn could be qualified as an expert witness, it was clear the judge had some hesitation.

I'm sorry, but why was he there? David did nothing for the opponents, but hurt and embarrass their case. This is a hot ass mess, and proof that the haters never had a credible case at all.


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