Friday, January 22, 2010

What does Vincent Morgan and Harold Ford Jr. have in Common?

They are cousins!!!

However, the cute Harlem investment banker/Congress hopeful is nothing like his cousin (my ex-husband).

Morgan also appears to have none of Ford's political baggage. He is firmly pro-choice and unequivically believes in Marriage Equality, a position potentially at odds with many of his prospective Harlem constituents. "Some advisors have warned it would be unwise to support same-sex marriage, but this is just the right thing to do," says Morgan, whose campaign has formed an LGBT campaign committee. "We've let the religious right marshall this debate," he adds. "But to me, this is simply about relationships -- I support same-sex marriage and everyone's right to have their own relationships respected."

Morgan's sentiments are hardly surprising considering his unique background. While many of his cousins -- and 15 half-siblings -- were at prep school like Harold, Jr., "I grew up poor, I dropped out of high school and got some help by people who believed in me," says Morgan who ultimately finished high school before enrolling in Howard and eventually completing graduate school at Columbia University. "I know what it's like to feel like an outsider. I was the 'light-skinned' kid in an all-Black neighborhood, I did not have a father, I was wedged between groups."

Today, Morgan hopes to channel that earlier sense of isolation into unifying Harlem as he challenges Rangel for New York City's coveted 15th Congressional District.

Interesting. I wonder if he will campaign on the behalf of his cousin? Or will they be at odds?



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kayman said...

Going up against Charlie Rangel? WOW, good luck with that because the Old Guard Black establishment has proven to be a group that will resolve to gay-baiting and racebaiting to win a race. They are a sad group and Mr. Morgan will have an uphill battle to get win.

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