Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question of the Day part 2

Is it fair to judge Obama in this manor right now? I'm bias, I will admit to that. But am I missing something here?

I'm really struggling with the faltering support of President Obama from gays. I understand the concerns, but does that lead into him ditching us? Betraying us? I know we are dramatic, but great Hera! I'm not sure this is the time to turn our backs on the President.

I'm sorry to harp on this, but it's interesting to me how things are changing. There's a lot going on in this country right now. I am willing to wait until things are not so rocky. I can't enjoy my marriage if I'm broke, with no job and my health care is a joke.

Am I out of the loop? Am I too optimistic?

I would love to hear what y'all think.


YvesPaul said...

I'm deeply annoyed about the lack of input from the white house on the gay marriage issue. People are going on the street to protest and getting arrested and yet there are no comments on it whatsoever, it's like they don't care. It's disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's rather early to judge too harshly. However,we need to be vocal and that is what's resulting from this. I feel that if this has the power to actually mobilize the GLBT community then so be it. It's high time we all work together for a common goal and I can't think of a better one than our civil rights. We've always been a difficult lot to organize due to the diversity that is us. So for whatever my opinion means, that's where I stand about it. I'm gonna quote Bob at I should be laughing. He so often manages to say it precisely the way I'd like to. "I still support President Obama. I just wish he'd support the gay community as promised."
Peace, Love, and Sugar Beets

Michael Rivers said...

I totally agree with you. People are swaying way too fast. There are many issues right now. None will be changed fast. It's impossible. Especially in 100 days of a new president; it's ridiculous to think otherwise.

In our fast paced and immediate gratification society, we forget how SLOW moving important change really is.

Anonymous said...

I understand the political realities he faces now that he is in office. But I do expect that once he becomes more confident about doing it, he will strike down DADT and support equal rights for all.

Anonymous said...

I understand the political realities he faces now that he is in office. But I do expect that once he becomes more confident about doing it, he will strike down DADT and support equal rights for all.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

He's been in office less than six months and is making the best possible head way he can. The man is not a miracle worker. It took George Bush 8 years to bring us to where we are now, why not give 44 some time to get around to Gay issues...

DADT and DOMA ain't going nowhere for the time being, so just be patient, and let the man do his job. Sheesh!

Stephen Rader said...

I absolutely agree with you. I don't get the sense that gays and lesbians have been misled by Obama. I think we need to be firm with what we want, but when it comes to major policy change, we need to have patience and let Obama do what he does best - - bring everyone together, cross the aisle and show both Republicans and Democrats the need for GLBT equal rights.

Obama hasn't failed us yet. Not by a longshot. Doesn't anyone remember the last 8 years, for God's sake?

Anonymous said...

I think it's perfectly acceptable to judge the president at any point in his term. The president has the ability to make a statement on anything he'd like so his lack of choices on what to speak on are just as telling as what he does speak on. Same for his policy.

I think he's done a fantastic job with the economy, but I do think that he made A LOT of promises and catered to A LOT of people and so far in many of those areas, he is not really living up to it. DADT is a good example. He can end it without anyone's approval from what I understand yet is delaying although he sounded pretty clear in the pre-election debates.

If you're not happy with that, you should totally make a "FAIL" sign with his head on it. If that's your thing...

Bob said...

I'm annoyed with him.
I understand it's hard to do everything, but when things happen that affect our community and he says nothing, then I can't help but wonder why?

Mad Professah said...

I understand he can't do everything in less than 6 months on the job but it's the SIGNALS that are bothersome and worrisome for me.

the only thing he has made the right noises on is the Matthew Shepard Act.

Its not just the White House's bizarre silence and inaction on DADT and DOMA which is annoying, it's that they aren't even saying things that they said during the campaign ("DOMA should be repealed entirely", "DADT will end," etc etc

ToddyEnglish said...

I think these extremists are stupid. Sorry, but Obama didn't promise gay rights YESTERDAY nor is he sitting on his hands concerning the issue. Obama has addressed gay concerns and issues moreso than any president. Hell, he is the only who has.
Yet, because we can't side step bureaucracy immediately then he is a failure?
Uhm, some of these gay activists annoy me just as much as the bigots. Yes, I said it.

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