Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favorite scene in Grease 2

I have to say, Grease 2 is way better than Grease. I know folks would banish me to Hell for that, but I found Grease 2 to be fun, sexy and crazy.

And Maxwell Caulfield was and is waaayyy hotter that John Travolta.

makes you love Biology class

But the real reason I liked this movie was this scene right here.


Eric Arvin said...

Totally agree about Caulfield. Yummm.

thegayte-keeper said...

Yeah Max is WAY hotter than John...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Caulfield? He was Hitler's wet dream! LOL!

And ditto on Hollywood needing a new idea! Come on folks! At the very least they could reach further back and remake movies this current generation isn't familiar with but are still great movies!

Michael Rivers said...

I love Grease 2! I listen to the soundtrack when working out. haha. Maxwell was SO hot.

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