Thursday, May 21, 2009

He didn't Win...And life goes on

So Adam didn't win, and I hope folks don't make it a big issue. I can hear the screaming voices saying "he was robbed" and "it was because he was gay".

But seriously, do we know if he really gay? He probably pulled an updated David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust wool over our eyes.

However, Adam didn't win Idol and he still has a shot at the big time. Look at Jennifer Hudson and...well, Clay Aiken. Adam will shine...just not as the American Idol, but he will shine.

He's very talented and cute, he has the goods. Adam will get his day.


Bob said...

I agree 100%.
I don't want this to become "he didn't win because he's gay" whether he is or not.

thegayte-keeper said...

he doesn't need the crown to have a fact I think being the American Idol is a lot of pressure and if you ain't selling...well just ask Ruebin where he is right now...

ToddyEnglish said...

No please don't say he's another Bowie. I love Adam. Let me indulge my
Well, so he didn't win...But I'll bet a million dollars that I'll be buying his stuff and not Chris'!

Michael Rivers said...

I loved Adam and Kris. And I think Adam is the most artistic male performer the show has ever had. But in the end, I wonder how commercially successful his CD would be? I think that is why Kris won. People will buy/listen to a CD filled with his voice. Adam is talented, but perhaps too edgy for the majority of people watching the show. I don't think Adam loosing had anything to do with gay/not gay. It came down to what people will buy. You're right--Adam is going to go onto a huge career either way. I'm guessing he has MANY offers waiting for him this morning.

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