Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fans love Nathan Fillion...as Green Lantern

A fan-made Green Lantern trailer is all over the nets today. It's pretty good and I'm convinced that dirty-hot Nathan Fillion should play the role of Hal Jordan.

Hopefully, WB exces are watching.


Damien NZ said...

Okay - can we say how incredibly well put together THAT was?

Here's hoping :)

Anonymous said...

That was fan made? Damn! It makes me want to see much,. much more.

Ray Avito said...

Good Lord, that was all kinds of great.

Jonathan Pizarro said...

OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOOD. I want it and I want it nooooooooow!!!!

David Dust said...

Nathan Fillion is also a really cool guy. Years ago, when he was on a soap, my (female) friend went out with him a couple of times. One night he came into our restaurant and the three of us got wasted at the bar. He was just adorable.


Joy said...

I really like him. First on Firefly and now on Castle. I watched that movie about the pregnant waitress just because he was in it. Oh, the title is Waitress. Duh!

I just love a cute, smartass man!!

Anonymous said...

What movie did they take that last scene of dialogue from? The one with him and his black friend?

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