Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Horror Review Time! The Descent 2 and Drag Me To Hell

I was very lucky to attend 2 private screenings of new horror films. The first one was The Descent 2 and the other was Drag Me To Hell.

I will keep my reviews vague as always.

The Descent 2 is a wonderful continuation of the first bloodfest. When we left Sarah (the survivor), she just escaped the middle earth creatures. However, she has no memory of that horrid night in the underground caves. Once her friends are reported missing, a new search team heads out to find them. The sheriff forces Sarah to assist them in the search which leaves them all in the fight of their lives.

This movie was the bomb! I can’t tell you great this horror/action flick was. Watching Sarah grow into an amazon-like hero was perfect. The creatures were sublime and there’s a surprise after the first half of the film. SPOILER ALERT…Juno is Alive!

The fighting, killing and feeding scenes were stronger and fantastic! My only problem was the ending, but I was told it was a test screening and the ending may change.

The next film is Drag Me To Hell. It is a simple horror tale, really. Girl ( Christine Brown) gets cursed by a gypsy witch, girl tries to stop the curse and horror happens. But this is Sam Raimi we are talking about here. So we get more than horror in this movie. We get chills, laughs, loud demons screams and grossed-out fun.

Like the Evil Dead, there are great comedic moments with the gypsy witch, embalming fluid, kittens, flies and an anvil? Yes, an anvil.

Sam didn’t disappoint, in fact, it was refreshing to see a simple horror tale. It was like seeing a live action Creepy or Eerie comic. The characters made sense, there were no uber-cute folks playing these roles. They were people you would believe in or could identify with.

The only thing I wasn’t feeling was the fright moments with the loud ass “strike” pieces. I really hate those pieces in any movie, it makes it cheap and very SCI-FI channel movie-ish.

But in all, it was a great movie. So I highly recommend these movies when they actually come out.


thegayte-keeper said...

I can't wait to see Drag Me To Hell...The Descent well I have to watch part 1 first...

Christopher said...

I am so jealous!

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