Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer published an ad for Obama's Assassination

Where are the editors or someone with common sense? Why would they publish that?

Well Keystone Progress, an activist blog in PA, saw this mess and called Times-Observer for an explanation.

Keystone Progress called the Times-Observer for comment and got a return call from John T. Elchert, the paper’s publisher. Mr. Elchert was extremely apologetic and wanted to make it clear that the ad did not reflect the paper’s policy.

“It is unfortunate that it made it to press,” said Elchert. “The person who took the ad didn’t recognize the significance of the names. We cancelled the ad and turned the information over to the authorities.”
Mr . Elchert said that he contacted the local police who were forwarding the information to federal authorities.

“Unfortunately, the attitude of the person who placed the ad is too prevalent in Pennsylvania,” said Michael Morrill, the executive director of Keystone Progress. “In the last few days we’ve gotten emails calling the president ‘chimp’ and the n-word after he nominated Judge Sotomayor. It makes it very difficult to organize around issues when the opposition to the president’s policies is so racially charged. ”

Goodness Gracious! And I'm going to Pennsylvania next Friday. So this "chimp" needs to be ready for drama (j/k)


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Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Egg on their face I guess. Hopefully just a loon with no more aspirations than to receive some attention. I do believe in freedom of speech, but....
Hatred is just so ugly.

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