Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bishop Harry Jackson starts his Brotherhood of Religious Fools

Not wasting a moment after our defeat, Bishop Harry Jackson has gathered up some fools to block DC's recognition of gay marriages performed in other jurisdictions.

He's a part of group called, Stand 4 Marriage D.C. and they are, as they put it, going to war.
Bishop Jackson called the referendum plans a “declaration of war,” intended to stop a potential effort to legalize same-sex marriages performed in D.C. later this year.

Prior to the start of signature collection, however, the board of elections must first decide whether the question of overturning out-of-state marriage recognition qualifies for the ballot. Marriage-equality activists maintain that the issue falls under part of local election law that prohibits referendums from being used to violate the city’s human rights act.

If the referendum were approved, supporters would have 180 days to collect the required signatures from at least five percent of registered voters across the city’s eight wards.

Should they accomplish that feat, which has eluded recent referendum attempts on different subjects, the question could be presented to voters this year or next.

It's a shame that preachers have nothing else to do but to waste time and money. And how are you declaring war, Harry? Is that the Christian way?
Oh, and remember, you can lose your tax-exempt status for meddling in our affairs, Harry!


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