Monday, May 25, 2009

Kids made a Video about Killing a Classmate

This is disturbing! Where are the frakking parents?

A Pierce County mother says she's horrified by a cartoon video - posted online - that showed several ways to kill her sixth grade daughter. The cartoon was made off school grounds by some of her daughter's classmates, girls aged 11 and 12. Titled "Top Six Ways to Kill Piper," it includes depictions of girls shooting her, making her commit suicide, poisoning her and even pushing her off a cliff.



Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

It looks like what could have been a fun southparkesque project went terribly awry. Like you said, where were the parents.A bit of guidance can go a long way. Too busy making dinner to make sure your daughter isn't being a sadistic little troll? He should be smacked. At least they were dealt with before anything truly uncorrectable happened.

Christopher said...

Vyktor, do you ever have any nice stories?

David Dust said...

Horrible. Can you imagine how that poor girl must feel??


Wonder Man said...

I do, I will post some

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