Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Straight Marriage for You!

Talk about an interesting turn of events.

In Cali-Cal, Rev. Art Cribbs and Rev. Anne Cohen said they will not perform any weddings until the ban on same-sex marriage is gone.

Cribbs said he understood why some people say same-sex marriage is against their religious beliefs. But with Proposition 8, he said, "a boundary has been crossed" between religion and civil law.

The state "failed to protect a vulnerable minority from the tyranny of a majority," Cribbs said.

"Our church is involved in justice issues, we are against discrimination," he said. "I personally have known the pain of rejection."

Supporters attending the news conference included the Rev. Susan Russell from All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, where the first gay wedding ceremonies in the city were performed last year.

"I stand in solidarity (with) this profound stand for justice," said Russell, president of Integrity USA, the 30-year-old advocacy organization for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

No one, she said, has the right to insert religious beliefs into the state Constitution.

"Liberty and justice for all should really mean all," Russell said.




thegayte-keeper said...

This issue is going to get bigger and bigger until change comes.

Sasha (Malchik Gai) said...

Awesome, and @the gayte-keeper, couldn't agree more with you.

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