Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give Me the Omegahedron...I have to Stop them from remaking Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This is blasphemous, pure mess.

They can remake Footloose, I hated Footloose (sorry Kevin Bacon, I still love you)

But now, they want to butcher, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

This is wrong on so many fronts. This is one of my favorite movies...Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and dirty-sex on legs, Lee Montgomery. It's a classic! Don't Touch It!

Here's the gut-bunching news
Twentieth Century Fox and Lakeshore Entertainment are mounting a remake of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," the 1985 teen comedy that starred Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The comedy will be developed as a potential star vehicle for Miley Cyrus. Lakeshore's Gary Lucchesi and Tom Rosenberg will produce.

The studio has set Michelle Morgan to write a new version of the film, which centered on two girls who share a passion for dancing and the hit show "Dance TV."

Why? WHHHHYYYYY? New Ideas, Hollywood! New Ideas!



Glenn Ingersoll said...

They made a movie of that song? I like the song. The movie is good?

I dread the remake of the song. Who's going to be vocodered "singing" it?

Damien NZ said...

Okay - this idea needs to be banished to the Phantom Zone.

Enough already with the remakes.

ToddyEnglish said...


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