Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rallying at Obama's fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Tonight

On today's agenda for the Week of Equality, there will be a rally at the Beverly Hilton.

The reason: President Obama will be there and it suppose to be a support rally to "honor his promises" to us.

But let's be sure that we are supporting and encouraging Obama to stay on track, and not acting like the teabaggers from the Tea Party foolery.

What happens tonight could be something that defines our movement positively or negatively. Let's strive for the positive. The last thing we need is to send a message that we are ungrateful or trifling. We should remind Obama that we are still here, we care and honor his leadership and he should not and can not forget about us.

I know he hasn't, but I can understand how his silence is deafening. Hopefully, when he see us tonight he will think about what he needs to do to honor his promises. Being the staunch supporter of Obama, I know he will come through. He just need to say something or inform his folks about his plans.

Still believing, still supporting.

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Sozo's said...

I agree with you.

Obama is steady and calculated. He is probably the most strategic President we've had to date. He does things with a purpose, so for him to just off the cuff start making comments isn't in his character I think.

I expect him to take on the LGBT issues in HIS time, and not ours. Sure all of us want it done now, but that's not who he is.

He's focused right now on his issues, getting them done before the session ends, then he'll tackle's just a matter a time.

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