Friday, May 29, 2009

One More Thing about Adam

I asked the question, now I may get the answer.

Adam Lambert will be coming out

"AMERICAN Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has steadfastly refused to talk about his sexuality despite photos of him on his Web site tongue-kissing men and dressed in full drag -- but not for much longer. A well-placed magazine source tells Page Six that Lambert will be coming out officially on the next cover of Rolling Stone.

(This week's issue has Lady Gaga on the cover.) "He didn't want it to be an issue during the contest, but he's fine with his sexuality," we're told. In the past, when asked about it, Lambert has only said, "Keep speculating." A rep for Rolling Stone said, "We don't comment on future covers." Lambert's rep, Roger Widynowski, didn't return e-mails.

Well, we will see.


1 comment:

thegayte-keeper said...

does he really need to announce to the world that he is gay? what does that do for us?

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