Sunday, May 17, 2009


We just had an EARTHQUAKE!!!


So Excited!


David Dust said...

You're EXCITED?!?!? Good Lord ... an Earthquake sounds like it would be the scariest shit ever.

I hope it didn't cause any injuries or damage.

Stay safe!


J. Clarence said...

Is everything Okay?

Wonder Man said...

no deaths reported, but it was a wild ride...I'm an action and thrill freak so I love stuff like this

Sozo's said...

boy you crazy!

flightofthescorpion said...

umm, it was no fun for me. i was trying to sleep. i was an earthquake virgin. wished i could have stayed that way. : (

Miss Ginger Grant said...


Parton Words said...

Hey Wonder Man,

Always looking for fun and interesting bloggers to talk to on my Australian radio program.

I know a 5 isn't huge news, but you sound like a lot of fun. I'm on early afternoon your time.

Would love to chat.

Mark Parton
Radio 2CC
Canberra Australia.

I'm following you now on twitter so flick me a message there if you can.

Allan S. said...

Viktor, you are hardcore. I would have cried like a baby.

DamienNZ said...

Fuck me sideways - we had 4 over the last two weeks - I do NOT heart quakes.

Bob said...

I was in a couple of quakes when I lived in California, incluidng Loma Prieta in '89. It isn't fun during, but after,as you recall things waving and shaking, it's very interesting.
i've also lived through hurricanes, including Katrina when the roof blew off our house. Those are not fun. They last too long and with windows covered you have no idea what's happening until it's over.

Earthquakes, interesting.
Hurricanes, scary.
Being gay in South Caorlina, priceless.

ka-os said...


Anonymous said...

I do have to say that although I've never been in an earthquake, I do wish I would react how you did.

Though I suspect my reaction would have a lot of rocking and crying involved.

Greg said...

We were in a movie theater when it happened. No one knew exactly what to do so we all just sat there. Once it was over, we filed out while they cordoned off some potentially loose acoustic tiles. Good times!

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