Thursday, May 28, 2009

Voodoo Goddess was trying to save Obama and "Traditional Marriage"


Self-proclaimed Voodoo Roman Catholic priestess and journalist, Brenda Lee was physically removed from a press area near Air Force One at LAX today.

Brenda was waiting for President Obama so she could give him a demonic letter, hoping to possess his mind to her will.

No seriously, she wanted give him a letter encouraging him "to take a stand for traditional marriage." But that didn't happened, and the Secret Service had to carry Tituba away.



Anonymous said...

Aww, don't call her that, I'd bet Tituba was a really cool lady and she was martyred for just being herself. I'd bet she wasn't all spooky like that. lol :P
But seriously I loved the post.
If nothing else there's almost never a dull moment on good ole planet earth. Folks tend to be themselves and give us something to laugh about.
OOOooo, witchaeh woman, see how high she fliayeayes.

Anonymous said...

The priceless moment comes in around 0:15 when they try to pick her up and a third agent has to step in. I busted out laughing at that one.

EMikeGarcia said...

She makes "traditional marriage" activists look silly.

That is a good thing.

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