Friday, May 29, 2009

Beau Breedlove is afraid the media will "affect the public's opinion of me"

It's been quiet over in the Adams & Breedlove world for a couple of months...until now. The famewhore Breedlove has filed a request for a restraining order against Brent Walth, a reporter for The Oregonian.

Really Breedlove? He's just doing his job, he's try to get the story. The story, you were so quick to sell to the highest bidder, pose nude, sign magazines, and judge a big dick contest for.

And it gets his request, Beau said that Brent would publish damaging information about him if he didn't do an interview with The Oregonian.

In fact, Beau said that Brent's threats would "affect the public's opinion of me".

What? Trick, please! You have done that all by yourself. Seriously, who are you foolin', fool?

Sandy Rowe, editor of The Oregonian, feels the same way. She said:
"Any suggestion that Brent Walth coerced or threatened Beau Breedlove is absurd. Mr. Breedlove gave us an on-the-record interview voluntarily. He asked for nothing in exchange for the interview, and the newspaper made him no promises about what it would or would not publish."

Beau, get your act together.

UPDATE: A judge denied Beau's request...SNAP!


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