Thursday, April 12, 2012

The White House will not use an Executive Order for Federal Contractor Nondiscrimination... Right Now

Today the Obama Administration decided to not use an executive order against workplace discrimination. Instead, they will use other tactics to seal the deal.
Metro Weekly has the story:

The White House, which has endorsed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act -- a bill to prohibit sexual orientation or gender identity-based workplace discrimination for most private employers -- had refused to comment publicly on the executive order proposal.

Today, however, a senior administration official tells Metro Weekly, "While it is not our usual practice to discuss Executive Orders that may or may not be under consideration, we do not expect that an Executive Order on LGBT non-discrimination for federal contractors will be issued at this time. We support legislation that has been introduced and we will continue to work with congressional sponsors to build support for it."

Of the White House effort, Stachelberg says, "The White House will instead launch a multipronged effort to better address workplace discrimination against gay and transgender Americans. However, just as Congress should pass ENDA now, the President should now use his executive authority to extend existing nondiscrimination requirements of federal contractors to include sexual orientation and gender identity."
While many activists are screaming bloody murder, I actually see the bright side. An executive order doesn't guarantee a done job. It can be easily overturn and removed, Clinton did it to Reagan. Executive orders are not completely long term, if anything, it's kind of a quick fix.

If the OA has a plan to pull the weed and the root, let them. Why are we, no, some activists in doubt? The last time I checked, Obama delivered on his promises to us. I really don't know why they are all up in arms, ready to storm the White House. Yes, people can still lose their jobs, but I trust that the OA will get this done.

I wish activists will stop jumping to conclusions. All of this unnecessary rage just gives you gas and wrinkles.


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