Monday, April 23, 2012

Christian Group Busted for Plotting a Cyber attack on Gay Blogs & Websites

My buddy, Alvin McEwen busted a secret Christian group plotting to destroy gay blogs and websites. This is what he reports:
 This project is conducted by a secret Facebook group called Truth4Time. According to the creator of the group (whose name shall remain anonymous because he is not a public figure), Truth4Time is supposed to be a library of anti-gay articles, blogs, and other materials for its members to use in their fight against the supposed "gay agenda." Apparently the group has a large lists of documents which contains anti-gay information (i.e. propaganda) that members are invited to use. The founder says that the group is supposed to be a sort of a "behind the scenes support system for the religious right. He seems to think that he is on some type of divine mission. If that is the case, I seriously doubt that it is God who is dictating his marching orders. 

Here are a few pieces

Yes, these bastards thought they were slick. However, once this went viral, Alvin reported the Facebook page and site was gone. See, like Jesus they came and went like a thief in the night.

Great job, Alvin! He always brings it.

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truthspew said...

Still, I wish Alvin would name the names. I saw a number of public figures listed on his post and they should definitely be outed.

As far as the 'private' citizens, once you step into the activist realm you should expect to have no privacy whatsoever. So under those rules, they should have their names published too.

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