Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet Romney's new Self-loathing Gay

Romney has a gay on staff and his name is Richard Grenell. He is Mitten's national security and foreign policy spokesman.

The interesting thing about Richard is his background. He worked for Bush for 8 years (yes, that's including 2004's ban gay marriage initiative) and he wrote this scathing post about gay Dems and President Obama. He was bashing us for believing in Obama and sticking. Funny, Richard is working for a guy who funded NOM and Prop 8.

If you check out Metro Weekly's post, this bitch said that he wanted to marry his partner. Really? Well maybe Richard should've thought about that when he decided to work from Romney.

Remember, Romney signed a marriage pledge from Bob Vander Plaats. I guess that all forgiven, right?


Bob said...

I've read some of the nasty Tweets he's sent out about the Gingriches and Rachel Maddow and others. Yeah, he's not a liability.

luciferosirisarnold said...

The church following Mitt belongs to called Blacks N****rs. This is so disheartening and just what can one do ?

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