Monday, April 16, 2012

Activists are mad at President Obama for not signing Anti-Discrimination Executive Order - WATCH

We get it. They're mad. However, they are doing a lot of assuming and speculating. Tico wants to believe it's political, but if it was, why is he so surprised. It gets me how activists are so surprised at the game of politics.

They come off so naive about the process. And speaking on the process, they are not looking at the bigger picture. As I have said before, executive orders are quick fixes. They do not erase or kill a situation. EOs are like hair dye. They cover up and change the look, but in time the real look or deal returns. Let Obama's administration do this the right way, through ENDA. I'm tired of activists seeing and reacting in short term stances. Get off your asses and ensure that ENDA passes with flying colors.

And stop going on every talk show to bitch. Use that energy to bitch at the federal contractors and lawmakers. For once, activists... Be activists.


R.J. said...

Exactly. I'm tired of reading comments on certain sites where people consider this a deal breaker with Obama.

Like they're going to vote for Ron Paul or Mitt Romney and get the results they want? Hahahahaha!

luciferosirisarnold said...

Fuck em all!

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