Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mitt Romney supported Gays in Boy Scouts - WATCH

The story of the Boy Scouts and Jen Tyrrell has reached epic levels. Many folks have joined Jen to fight back the hate coming from the Boy Scouts. And guess who should be right by her side... Mitt Romney. In 1994, Mittens supported the notion that gays should be in the Boy Scouts. In this clip, he took a stand for gays when he ran for Senator. This clip is being pushed by GLAAD, who hopes corner Romney on his stance.

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truthspew said...

It's pretty clear that Willard Mitt Romney is a liar and a waffler/flip-flopper. He will try to say anything to get elected.

The thing is, it runs counter to his core as a Mormon.

You really can't trust him at all. At the very least, President Obama has pretty much delivered on his campaign promises. That is really quite the feat when you think about it as no President in modern history has really been able to do that.

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