Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interesting Quote: Lynda Carter

Lynda on when she learned she was a gay icon:
It was about 15 years ago. During an interview a journalist said, “You’re such a gay icon!” and I said, “I am? That’s great!” I had no idea until that moment. But as far as being supportive of LGBT equality, I’ve always felt that it shouldn’t even be a question.  It’s a matter of basic civil rights and I don’t understand how anyone can see it differently. I would love to ask some of these homophobic politicians and “religious” people to start talking about their sex lives.  Let’s talk about what kinds of “deviant” things go on there. They really need to get over themselves. I mean, why does anyone care? I really don’t get it.


shesthemimi said...

The only way I could love Lynda Carter any more is if she really were Wonder Woman. If she needed a kidney, she could have one of mine. And that picture is HOT.

Belasco said...

She IS Wonder Woman...No two ways about it...sigh...GREAT POST!

apitt said...

This is why I love Lynda Carter! She truly is Wonder Woman.

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