Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's Possible VP Picks

Mitt will soon choose a VP, but the real question is which idiot will he chose? Well, I have 4 possible picks.

Darrell Issa - good choice

Carly Fiorina - they need a woman

Chris Christie - he would be something, messy

Tim Pawlenty - the best and safest bet


luciferosirisarnold said...

I bet he picks an illegal.

truthspew said...

I don't think it really matters who Romney chooses as his veep.

His flip-flopping doesn't resonate with the public, nor does his role in firing people.

Mike said...

Romney hasn't "flip flopped." He has changed some of his views over the years. Do you really what a President who is so stuck on his own positions he can never be persuaded to change? A "flip flop" would be casually changing position (the "flip" and then casually changing it back to the original view (the "flop). Thus, you see, Obama's position on Guantanamo is a just a change, not a "flip flop."

As to firing -- about a million government employees NEED to be fired if we are not to turn into Greece or the Weimar Republic... so a Chief Executive who is not afraid to fire people is a positive.

As far as VP is concerned, the best looking and likliest possibility is Marco Rubio. Why didn't you show him here? Is there going to be another installment?

Darrell Issa needs to stay in the House and hold the hearings that smoke out the miscreants in the executive branch.

Pawlenty adds nothing because the GOP is very unlikely to take Minnesota in any event. Ditto with Christie -- we would just be inundated with fat jokes all the way to November.

Carly Fiorina is an able executive, but for VP you need someone who has won an election and who makes a difference in a swing state. Rob Portman comes to mind. Absent that, Romney might as well pick David Petraeus.

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