Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gay Dating Issues (Not me, My Friends)

So a friend of mine was dating a guy for about a month. They only saw each other twice a week, with one of the days spent overnight.

Recently, my friend asked the guy if he could be a little more responsive to text and e-mail. The guy told him that he was moving too fast.

Too fast? My friend can slept over his place, but if he mention texts and that's too fast? Y'all the game has changed! For those of you who are dating, have you experienced anything like that?

I've been out of the game for some years, but stories like that, scares me. Are men that dysfunctional? Or that f**ked up?

Please tell me there's hope for the single guy out there.


Bob said...

"You're moving too fast" after spending the night together means "I am not interested in anything more than a booty call".
I think.
I've been out of the game for a long time, too.

Cubby said...

Your friend wants him to be more responsive? That means he wants immediate responses to his texts and emails?

If someone demanded that of me, I'd tell them to go F themselves. I'll respond when *I* have time to do so, not when he demands it.

I guess I wouldn't do well if I was dating...

Jezza said...

I'm mostly with Cubby.
If he wants an immediate response, he should pick up the phone and CALL.

Text messages should be left for stuff that doesn't need an immediate response.

Cre8ivTyp said...

I agree with Jezza. If he wants immediate response, he should pick up the phone.
They are in a dating situation. Doesn't sound like mess or just sex.
I think the guy who is asking for more responsiveness to texts should think about
what he is saying and not rush to think this guy is trying to play him.

Anonymous said...

I am not dating but I have this problem with male friends all the time, straight or gay. Mother fuckers today just don't want to communicate. Every thing is a link on a facebook wall, or a like on a post.

I had a friend who I knew in school, but ignored until we both graduated, and we started being gays together, going to clubs, events, bars, etc. But he refused to every pick up his phone when I called, and would try to carry on a conversation via text right afterwards. Then his texts became once a day things and then i stopped bothering with him altogether.

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