Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question of the Day

Which mythological or fictional character would you want to hook up with?


Writer said...

I'm not sure. Though I did used to have these great drawings of Greek hotties hooking up with satyrs and centaurs. LOL

Cubby said...

Thor, but only if he is a power bottom.

luciferosirisarnold said...


Alan Scott said...

Mr. Fantastic. I'm sure he can stretch all of his body parts. ;)

Damien said...

Wolverine - as a top his stamina would be inexhaustible.... and I could indulge my more sadistic fantasies coz he heals :)


Allan S. said...

The list is long. For today, I will give it to Superman. BTW, Pan is looking mad sexy right there. He can have it also.

Rusty said...

Drago ala game of thrones
Jaime Lanister ala GoT tv show
Mr Fantastic
Charlie, Cole, Gouten from Street Fighter
Dojima from P4
Ares god of war from Marvel comics or Xena mythos.

too many others to list as i am a ball of horniness right now

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