Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Blog begs the Question: Where is Maggie Gallagher's Man

The she-demon of matrimony  loves to protect marriage from our filthy needs; but we never hear about her loving marriage to 'fantasy' husband, Raman.

Now a blog has put out a search for him. It's called Where's Raman?: The Hunt for the World's Most Private Husband.  And thanks to Joe.My.God. this blog is getting some attention.

Here's the premise
Maggie Gallagher is America's loudest voice for marriage - but she's formerly an unwed mother who has never been in seen in public with her mystery husband, Raman Srivastav. We're trying to answer one pressing question: Where's Raman? 
Yeah, Maggie, where is your man? This calls for Eartha Kitt to start the hunt

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Raman Srivastav-Gallagher said...

Hey - thanks for the shout-out! The blog was a pure whim, then JMG hit and it kind of went crazy for a couple of days...

Hope you don't mind if use that video at some point; I just posted "Nowhere Man," but this is even more apt (not to mention more fabulous!).