Thursday, April 26, 2012

BackFlash Video Thursday: Farley Jackmaster Funk, featuring Darryl Pandy

This song was the bomb and it is still cute. Here's "Love can't turn around" by Farly Jackmaster Funk, featuring my old vocal coach, Darryl Pandy.

Darryl is working this video.


truthspew said...

Wow, whole lot of OGT in that video.

Allan S. said...

I was a house music head. I use to throw down at the Garage in NYC when this song came on. Yes, it is a classic.

Immanuel said...

Wow, this song used to rock Traxx in DC back in the 80s. I still listen to this song from time to time. No comment on the glittery green blouse homie has on.


Daij said...

never heard of it or him before.

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