Monday, April 30, 2012

What If the X-Men Movie came out in the 80s?

What if the X-Men film came out in the 80s? I wonder who would play them and what would the story be about?

Well, I got an idea. Want to hear it, here it goes:

The story would have the X-Men clashing with Magneto and his brotherhood as they try to stop the Mutant Registration Act. 

Check out my casting after the jump

Mickey Rourke as Wolverine
Michael Biehn as Cyclops
Iman as Storm

Stephen Geoffreys as Nightcrawler

Dolph Lundgren as Colossus

Jennifer Connelly as Kitty Pryde

Sean Connery as Professor X

Debra Winger as Rogue

Leonard Nimoy as Magneto


K. Clark said...

Iman as Storm? I live!

WilsonW said...

Damn Vik!!!! Well done!! And Leonard Nimoy is kinda givin' me cold sweats a little bit. Who knew he was kinda smexy?

WilsonW said...

@K.Clark-Who YOU tellin'!!! It should have been her or Angela Basset from the jump. And I don't want to hear that Angela was too old mess when that chick playing Jean Grey looked like she personally experienced Studio 54 in its heyday.

Wonder Man said...

He is

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