Saturday, April 21, 2012

Newt the Hut is Over 4 million dollars in Debt

Newt's broke, y'all. At the end of March, he was over 4 million dollars in debt. And for some reason, he is still in the race.

HuffPo reports:

The debts run up by the campaign in March include payments for ordinary campaign consulting work, massive spending on private jets, expenses at a private security firm, and payments to staffers who had to cover their own travel and lodging expenses. 

The campaign's most absurd unpaid expenses were more than $1 million to the private jet company Moby Dick Airways, nearly $450,000 to a security firm, and more than $500,000 in travel reimbursements and other payments to individual staffers and consultants.

The nearly $450,000 owed to The Patriot Group, a security firm based in Virginia, is in spite of the Secret Service providing protection beginning March 6. Gingrich's campaign made good on another payment totaling $31,500 to The Patriot Group in March. In February, a Ron Paul supporter filed suit against the Gingrich campaign and The Patriot Group accusing a security officer from the firm of stomping on his foot, causing a fracture.
Newt's over, it was fun teasing him though.


Bob said...

He needs to make his 3rd wife 1st Lady.
Ain't happening.

luciferosirisarnold said...

The church following Mitt belongs to called Blacks N****rs. This is so disheartening and just what can one do ?