Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dominic Dieter is an Asshole

GLAAD is going after this Ohio DJ for a dumbass statement about a young lesbian. During the Rover's Morning Glory show, Dominic talked about a letter written by a father of gay daughter.

He said:

"You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight." 
Really, Dominic, really? Was he drunk or something? As soon as this really got out to public, GLAAD quickly stepped in.

Aaron McQuade, GLAAD's director of news and field media, released the following statement: "It was appalling and dangerous for this show to tell a father that he should have one of his friends rape his daughter. That's essentially how Dieter responded to this listener, and this is no laughing matter in a world where people are too often the victims of violence and sexual assault based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation. And Dieter gave this vile advice to everyone who was listening, including educators, parents and children — sending the message that it's okay to physically or sexually abuse people who are perceived to be gay."
Dominic needs to apologize to the victims of violence and sexual assault, then do a public apology to the father and his daughter.

Then stick his head in some horse manure.



Bob said...

He needs to be fired instantly.
Advocating rape? Really?
Fire him.

Howard Stump said...

Somehow, I am never surprised by the depths str8 men in the media go to cover up their own inadequacies and ability to have sex themselves. Talk is cheap, but stupid of free of charge.

truthspew said...

Thing is, he won't be fired. He'll be celebrated. Talk radio is a cesspool. said...


Billy said...

He apologized this morning. I forgive him. Everybody makes mistakes.

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