Tuesday, November 25, 2008


These shim shams can marry and WE can't? Is this what God really wants, idiots making more idiots?

Horror...pure Horror


Joie Mayfield said...

It's the "sanctity of marriage" that we are villians of, remember. :(

David Dust said...

Sweet Jeebus - what fresh HELL is this??

I would have thought they would have gone the route of Star Jones and Big Gay Al with sponsorship and tons of publicity. But they eloped?

They probably couldn't drum up any sponsors.


EMikeGarcia said...

Have you ever seen the movie 'Idiocracy'?

This totally reminds me of it.

Also, in the movie, anyone in the movie who speaks with any air of intelligence is said to be "talking like a fag."

It's offensive, true, but humorous and totally on the mark.

You should check it out.

Greg said...

Why are these people newsworthy? The media must be having a slow day.

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