Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight...It wasn't so bad.

So I did it...I saw Twilight. Yes, I talked about it, trashed it, and mocked it, however it wasn't half bad.

I'm still not a fan, but I can see how folks gravitate to it. To be 17 and lost in so many emotions is tough time in a teen's life. When I think about the things I was going through, I'm surprised I'm not in the loony bin. But anyway, when you find someone who gets you the world completely changes and nothing's the same.

Seeing Bella go through that was an instant reminder of my teen years. Having someone understand you, accept you, and cherish everything about you is very overwhelming, especially and wonderful at that age. I appreciated that part about the movie and Bella, but the rest of it needed a little more work. The actors were just going through their lines sometimes, the FX were okay, and the connection between Bella and Edward was awkward at times. But in all, it was a fair movie. Maybe the sequel will be better.

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