Friday, November 21, 2008

Shut It Up, Pastor Clenard Childress!

Today's fool is Pastor Clenard Childress. He believes if Obama continues to support abortion and gay rights, the African-American community will suffer.

He also said, "He (Obama) has to prove that he has not sold out to the values of the black community for his own political gain. . . . He has to rule with a degree of integrity."

Are you kidding me?

Does he really think that foolishness is real? Hushggffjhiihypupyyouyu (me speaking in tongues).

Pastor Clenard Childress, you need to prove that you have the good sense to think about what you're saying. Working on civil rights and safety matters for women are not going to hurt our community. What type of crack are you smoking, Childress?

Does he think the Black community's issues are the same across the board? Child cheese, they are not. Our community should want better education, better health care, equal opportunities, stronger support programs, and economy stability. I would love to know what are Childress's ideas, I'm sure God is one of them.

But here's the thing...if we don't challenge our norms, we fail as a community. So perhaps the golden days of church, chitterlings, and R. Kelly should come to an end. We need to step out of Black box and into a new realm. Obama hasn't sold out, Childress, he's moved on. Something I think you should do as well.


David Dust said...

Ok - you "speaking in tongues" had me LOLing!


Anonymous said...

What was that song by the Police in the 80's, "Da do do do, Da da da da" or some such.

There's a line in it that goes:

"Poets, priest and politicians have words to thank for their positions."

That says it all. Behind every poet, priest or politician is someone who wants the power. Childress is just such a creature.

I'm hoping some of his congregation have the stones to tell him the STFU.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

"if we don't challenge our norms..."
This is why I want Obama and his wife to sit down and talk to gay and lesbian Afro Diasporic folk. This simple action on the first couples part will challenge so much prejudice within circles of the larger Afro Diasporic community and shut the mouths of asses like this good pastor.

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