Friday, November 21, 2008

Interesting concept from my students

I'm still processing this idea.

A student just told me that Stephenie Meyer, the woman who probably had drunken sex with some guy and went through his comic book collection and video tapes of vampire porn and later remembered the sex after getting dumped and decided to take out her anger and disappointment in her novel Twilight, is a Mormon.

Yes, she went to Brigham Young University and lived in Arizona, the whole bit. Okay, back to the concept... Ms. Meyer is a Mormon. So the student decided to boycott her books and the movie, thinking she could've supported Prop 8. I asked if she was sure of that notion and she said no, but she thinks that most Mormons are hateful to us.

Afterwards, I start to think about my student's stance. Could it be hogwash or actually have some merit? I don't know, but I'm a little curious about this authoress now.


Beth said...

Hi! I'm here from David's blog...and now you ahve me thinking..I really like "Twilight" and I LOVE me some vampires!!!! BUT....nah, I don't think she would support all that crap. At least I like to think so, cuz I really want to see that movie and read the other books!!! ;)

great job on not being on the down low. Good for you.

lynnertic said...


She is Mormon (fact gleaned from her official website) but her name is not in the database of pro/anti Prop 8 donors. Furthermore I found no language connecting her to prop 8, gay rights, or marriage rights in Google.

Your student may have decided to boycott Mormon-owned businesses and Mormon-created art because of their religious affiliation alone, as some sort of collective punishment for their Church's action. While I applaud your student's political activism I think it would be more justifiable if it were accompanied by some effort to write to Meyers or attend one of her events, and ask her for her position on the subject.

Congratulations on an attractive and well-written blog.

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