Friday, November 21, 2008

Drama vs Talent: The Britney & Beyonce Wars

This is very gay of me, but hey, it's Friday. The upstart Divas, Britney and Beyonce are bringing it this Fall. Brit had Womanizer and B had the Boy song and snappy Single Ladies. So far, B's stuff is taking center stage. Womanizer has a running start, but Single Ladies is taking control.

In the next few weeks one of them will own the rest of the year and most of the next one. Who will it be? Well, B's CD is already out and doing quite well, however Brit's has a few weeks to go before her release. I just heard some of Brit's stuff last night and I wasn't impressed. I was really hoping to hear something new and maybe deep? Brit's new stuff is basically Blackout the B-sides, there wasn't much standing out from this album.

B's Sasha Fierce is a step up from B-Day, but not a huge step. Still, I liked the songs. I would have liked more Sasha, but in all it's a good collection of work. So right now, I will give it to B. However Brit may something up her sleeve. Her documentary may give her an edge, but if you seen any of the clips, I have to wonder...Is she alright? She doesn't seem very happy. Check out this statement:

My trust has really been battered. … Sometimes it can get kinda lonely. … I had totally lost my way. I lost focus. I lost myself. I let certain people into my life that were just bad people, because I was lonely. I really paid the consequences for that. Big time … What the hell was I thinking?

Do I know my life is weird? It's all I've ever known. I don't see it as being weird…I'm kind of stuck in this place and I'm like, How do you deal? I just cope with it every day…It's better not to feel anything at all and have hope than to feel the other way…It's bad. I'm sad. [She breaks down into tears.] Normal is really different for everybody…In my situation, I try to make it as normal as possible for me…It could be a lot worse. There are people out there who have it a lot worse than I do…I used to be a cool chick but I feel like the paparazzi has taken that away from me, like, the way I used to live my life. I used to be a cool chick but I'm not anymore.

I don't know, y'all. I hope she can hold on.

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Joie Mayfield said...

OMG that video!! Did you see Justin Timberlake on SNL mocking it?

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