Thursday, January 8, 2015

NOM wants to save Anti-Gay Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

Kasim Reed, the Mayor of Atlanta, GA, fired the city's Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran. The reason was for his extreme religious views in some book he wrote.

Watch Mayor Reed discuss the issue
Well, guess who comes to Kelvin's rescue... NOM! In their latest email blast, they try to "save" him.
 vik, this is an outrage, and we need to speak out against it! 
Please click here to sign a petition of support for Mr. Cochran and to urge the Mayor to reinstate him as Fire Chief and formally apologize to all people of faith for this harmful action. Mr. Cochran was simply exercising his First Amendment rights, publishing a book as a private individual and not making any claims as a representative of the city. 
His views—which, incidentally, are views shared by a majority of Georgians and a majority of people throughout the country and across the globe—have no bearing on whether he is fit to serve as the city's Fire Chief. There is simply no justification for firing him on the basis of this book! But, of course, the radical gay agenda isn't interested in the First Amendment, or in the values of tolerance and respect for a diversity of opinions. They simply want to silence any opposition and turn traditional values about marriage and family into the social and legal equivalent of hate speech and bigotry. We cannot stand by and allow this kind of bullying and intimidation to continue.
Too bad this is a wasted effort.

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