Thursday, January 29, 2015

We have already lost 3 Trans women 2015

Not a good start for 2015.
Lamia and Ty

3 Trans women have been murdered this month.

30 year-old Lamia Beard from Norfolk, Virginia was a talented artist and just earned a full scholarship to Bethune Cookman College. On January 17th, she was shot and she died in the Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

24 year-old Ty Underwood from Tyler, Texas was just accepted to Kilgore College’s nursing program. On January 26th, Ty was found dead in her car from 3 gunshot wounds.

And late yesterday, I learned from TransGriot that 20 year-old Goddess Edwards, 20, of Indianapolis, Kentucky, was recently murdered. I will not post her mugshot, BTW

It's very sad that these women were murdered and we have no suspect in custody. But what's really bothering me is how the media continues to misgender these women. In the press, they are putting their male names in the articles! Is it so hard to use the names they want folks to know them by? It shouldn't be at all.

Then, cops and reports are linking their lives to prostitution. I'm sorry, but not all trans women are hookers. The fact that they were linked to prostitution is disrespectful. These women were murdered, killed for being who they are. Can the media and the cops show some respect?

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