Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Season Premier of Looking fails to bring in the Viewers

The second season of Looking doesn't look so good. The season premier failed to bring in the numbers.

Deadline reports:
Ending the night of premieres for HBO, the Season 2 launch of dramedy Looking drew 183,000 viewers. That’s down 45% from its January 19, 2014 debut. Following a non-premiere episode of Girls, that 10:30 show had a then-slight 338,000 total viewers. The March 9 Season 1 finale of Looking pulled about 420,000 viewers, down from the 519,000 season high of February 23, which had a particularly strong True Detective as a lead-in for that night.
The first episode of the new season drew a lot on stereotypical pieces in gay genre. I wonder if the boring stories and unlikeable characters are to blame for the lack of Looking viewers.


Ron Buckmire said...

They need to get rid of Agustin! He is just not interesting...Bring Richie Back!

Chris Barnes said...

Worth noting that the premier episode was directly competing with the Golden Globes - there may have been some target audience distraction that night. ;-)

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