Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tyrese Gibson starts an Instagram campaign to be the next Green Lantern, but I don't want him in the Role

For the past couple of weeks, actor Tyrese Gibson has been using social media to express his interest in being Green Lantern. Back in October, DC Entertainment revealed 10 films from now until 2020, which included Green Lantern. However, it wasn't clear on which Green Lantern the film would feature, so John Stewart could be the main character.

Seeing the possibilities, Tyrese has launched an Instagram campaign on his account to become the galactic superhero.

He has some street cred behind him, starring in two major film blockbusters like, "Transformers" and the "Fast and Furious" series. But can he truly bring John Stewart to the screen? John is an iconic character in the DC universe. Can Tyrese pull it off? Many fans thought that Ryan Reynolds could and we saw what happened there. Personally, I don't want him in the role. I think there are other choices who could probably do a better job.

I may do a post on the other actors for Green Lantern soon.

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lucifer' place said...

I was hoping for Common .

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