Friday, January 30, 2015

Only in Texas... Christian Mad Woman interrupts a Peaceful Muslim Event

From the Austin Statesman:

What was supposed to be a rally at the Texas Capitol Thursday promoting political engagement and tolerance for Muslims and was largely derailed by sustained screams from protesters loudly advocating for something quite apart from peace and love.

Texas Muslim Capitol Day was organized by Texas chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose members intended to raise awareness on issues, advocate on a number of bills and celebrate their right as Americans — and in one speaker’s case an eighth-generation Texan — to be part of the political process.

But not one of the 10 or so speakers at the hourlong event managed to finish a sentence without being heckled by noisome group of maybe two dozen that fanned out about 20 paces from the south steps of the statehouse. A patriotic song by the Houston Koran Academy didn’t even silence the screaming.

This woman is Christine Weick, a LOON, and known for hating Muslims. I think she claimed that the devil made energy drinks. Yeah, I real class act.


Bob Slatten said...

She's giving a bad name to Christians everywhere.

Damien said...

This is dis-GRACE-ful!!!

There is NO part of this that is not offensive to even a slightly intelligent person.

I would have HIT the bitch.

The one time some Sharia law would've been called for.

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