Thursday, January 15, 2015

InTouch Weekly Photoshopped Bruce Jenner's Face on a Woman's Head in New Cover

InTouch Weekly is a trashy magazine. It's full of rumors, lies and mess. But this recent crap took the cake.

Someone thought it was a great idea to photoshop Bruce Jenner's face to this person's head. The cover has angered many people including the trans community.

The folks over at InTouch claimed that Bruce is coming out. They said this info came from an upcoming article in The Advocate, but the classic magazine calls bullshit of InTouch.

This cover is so offensive. Not only to the trans community, but Bruce too. Bruce hasn't confirmed anything and this cover and story is truly ridiculous. What were they thinking? Bruce should sue them.


Bob Slatten said...

They put it out just to sell magazines and get attention.
Well done, I guess.
I hope Jenner does sue.

Damien said...

Apparently both Bruce and Kris are exploring legal options.

InTouch is gonna have to dig deep into the money pit on this one.

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