Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interesting Quote: Lee Daniels

“Homophobia is rampant in the African American community, and men are on the DL. They don’t come out, because your priest says, your pastor says, mama says, your next-door neighbor says, your homie says, your brother says, your boss says [that homosexuality is wrong]. And they are killing African American women. They are killing our women. So I wanted to blow the lid off more on homophobia in my community.”
While I'm a fan of his work, I disagree with Lee.

I don't believe that it's rampant in our community. However, I think it's rampant in the South and in places where conservative views are on 10. I feel that Lee's assessment mirrors what was going on a decade ago, but now, I believe our community is coming around.

I also think that Empire won't blow lid off homophobia, but it may start the conversation.


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