Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anti-Gay Groups host Rally for Fired Chief Kelvin Cochran

Last week, Mayor Kasim Reed fired Chief Kelvin Cochran for using the job and department to push his "Self-Help" book that called gays "vile, vulgar and inappropriate". Kelvin didn't go through the proper channels to clear his book and if someone would've complained about that book, it could've lead into a bunch of lawsuits.

However, Right-Wing and religious leaders don't see that way. They're using this as a way to make Kelvin a victim. NOM is hosting a rally for Kelvin, while others are trying to push a Religious Liberties bill in the state.

It's all so ridic, but hey, that's way religious freaks do... peddle foolishness all day, everyday. So, if you're near the Georgia Capitol, show up and use your free speech to laugh at these cretins. And while you're at it, vogue. Make it a fashion show, since the cameras will be there.

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Damien said...

He deserved to be fired and those wingnuts protesting need to take a seat.

Sweet Baby Jeebus take the wheel ..... and move them down.

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